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International Real Estate and Facility Management

Deze opleiding wordt in het Engels verzorgd / The language of instruction is English

Course Characteristics
NHTV offers International Real Estate and Facility Management as either a 3- or 4-year course, depending on your prior level of education.

3-year course
You will benefit from the intensive 3-year programme in two respects: you gain one year in time, and save one year of tuition fees.

Admission requirements
You can follow the 3-year programme if you already have:
a pre-university education (e.g. vwo or Hochschulereifezeugnis)
a vocational education in a related field (e.g. mbo-degree Facilitaire Dienstverlening level 4)
a related propaedeutic certificate
a diploma of a higher education or university study programme
previously acquired competencies

4-year course
Admission requirements
You can enter the 4-year programme if you completed vocational education (mbo level 4) or higher secondary education, for example:
Avgångsbetyg från Gymnasieskolan
Senior High School

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