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European Business School, studieroute binnen International Business and Management Studies

Course content

First year
The first year focuses on operational business processes. The content of the first year, subtitled ‘Reports from the line of fire in European business’, includes European Labour Law, Value Chain, Supply Chain Management, Environmental Analysis, Finance, Cost Accounting and Intercultural Management.

If necessary, it is possible for you to switch to another business-related course (Dutch or English) at Saxion within six months of starting, without loss of credits.

Second year
In the second year, subtitled ‘European business: subject to change’, the main subjects are Change and Quality Management. This year covers the following areas: HRM, Change Management, E-business, Sustainability, Globalisation, Market Research.

Third year
The third year, subtitled ‘The future of European business’, focuses on strategic business development. This year also includes a challenging internship abroad.

Fourth year
In the fourth year, you choose a minor. You round off your studies with a dissertation abroad.

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